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No longer available Click here for the new equivalent magnetostrictive linear transducers WRP-A/WRA-A Contactless linear position transducer with ONDA magnetostrictive technology. The analog interface, available with various output ranges in voltage or in current, guarantees simpler installation and easier adaptation to existing systems. The absence of electrical contact on the cursor eliminates all wear and guarantees almost unlimited life. The IK4 mechanical structure introduces some innovations for using in-cylinder, including free rotation of the connector head.

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  • ONDA technology
  • Optimized mechanical structure
  • Strokes from 50 to 4000 mm
  • Wide range of connectors for the electrical connection
  • Rod, nipple, exagonal flange AISI 316
  • Work temperature: -30°…+75°C
  • Resistance to vibrations (DIN IEC68T2/6 12g)
  • Power supply 24Vdc ± 20%
  • Protection IP67


Downloads for IK4-A

  • Installation Manual

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  • Manual of Electrical Installation of Contactless Magnetostrictive

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  • EU Conformity declaration_MK, IK, ONP, RK

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