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ME1-6-H-B35D-1-4-D-P 2130X000W00IDF056769

The ME Pl'c' series of Gefran are pressure transmitters for using in High temperature environment and specifically designed for melt pressure measurement and available only to be used in large-scale fixed installations or in large-scale stationary industrial tools, typically extruders, or for laboratory B2B equipments for R&D purposes according to the European Directive 2011/65/EU (see informative note RoHS II). The ME Performance Level 'c' Series are pressure sensors for use in high temperature applications where the process temperatures may reach 400°C (°F) such as high temperature engineered polymers. The K Series utilizes standard melt pressure principles and construction; strain sensing technology is bonded foil strain gage. A near incompressible liquid (mercury) is used for pressure transmission.

  • Perfromance Level 'c'
  • Pressure ranges from: 0-35 to 0-2000 bar / 0-500 to 0-30000 psi
  • Accuracy: < ±0.25% FS (H); < ±0.5% FS (M)
  • Fluid-filled system for temperature stability
  • Mercury filling volume: ME0 (30mm3); ME1, ME2 (40mm3)1
  • /2-20UNF, M18x1.5 standard threads; other types available on request
  • Autozero function on board / external option
  • Standard diaphragm is 15-5 PH stainless steel with GTP+ coating
  • 17-7 PH corrugated diaphragm with GTP+ coating for ranges below 100 bar-1500 psi

Further versions available on request.

Version Rigid + Flexible Stem
Flexible Stem Length 457mm 18'
Thread 1
Output Signal E
Options Calibration Report Included
Accessories W
Melt Pressure Transmitter M
Connector 6
Relay Output X
Fixed 000
Rigid Stem Length 153mm 6'
Fixed 0
Fixed 00
Performance Level P
Measurement Range B35D
CON300 + SF18
stelo r+f
Accuracy Class H

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