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PMISLE-F-0100-M 0000X000XX15XXXIDF074597

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  • The PMI-SLE transducer, is the amplified version of the PMI-SL, a product designed for all inside cylinder applications which require a smaller transducer (the rod diameter is only 12,7 mm).
  • The PMI Slim offers the same robustness as the PMI-12: AISI 316 stainless steel body, IP67 protection level, and pressure resistance up to 250 bar (400 bar peak)
  • Available with flanged or threaded heads, to guarantee mechanical compatibility with all main cylinder types
  • Patented solution
  • Ideal for applications inside hydraulic cylinders, demanding simple solutions which guarantee measurement repeatability

Fixed Fixed
Flange Threaded M24x1,5
Output Output cable PUR 3 pole 3x0,14
Fixed Fixed
Linear Position Transducer Mod: PMI-SLE
Linearity Curve No Certificate
Fixed Fixed
Model Stroke 100mm - Protection IP67
Dimension 4...20 mA Interface
Cable Length 15 meters

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