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TK-E-3-E-B05D-M-V 2130X000A00IDF031954

TK transmitters are based on the extensimetric thick film measuring principle. Thanks to highly stable electronic components, these transmitters can be used in applications requiring longdistance signal transmission or in smart control systems. TK pressure transmitters are designed mainly to measure pressure in oil, air, and hydraulic circuits. They can also be used in the technical and process measurement application as well as for compressors, presses and mobile hydraulic.

  • Ranges from: 0...3 to 0...500 bar and ranges from -1...+1 to -1...+10 bar (0...50 psi to 0...7500 psi and -15...+15 psi to -15...+100 psi)
  • Output signal 4...20mA 2-wires / 0,1...5,1Vdc / 0,1...10,1Vdc / 0...5Vdc / 0...10Vdc / 1...5Vdc / 1...10Vdc
  • Protection rating: IP65 / IP67
  • Wetted parts: AISI 430F and 17-4 PH
  • Available with a variety of process connections, both standard and custom
  • Accessories: TDP

Fixed Fixed
Process Connections G 1/2A (DIN 16288)
Accessories Enclosed CON006
Accuracy Class ± 0,5% FS typical
Measurement Range Bar 0...50
Fixed Fixed
Response Time Fast
Options Calibration Report Included
Electrical Connections 4 pole Connector Solenoid
Pressure Transmitter Mod: TK/TKDA
Fixed Fixed
Output Signal 4...20 mA

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